I Guess I’m All Alone Again.

What is home?

What does it feels like to be home?

I forgot, I forgot it all.

Even in the place I should call as home,

I don’t feel it anymore.

Where do I belong?

I don’t feel like I’m home.

Where do I belong?

I long for the feels, the old feeling

the feels that I belong somewhere.

That people needs me.

That I actually feel like I belong there.

What is home, actually?

They said home is where the heart belongs,

but where,

where is my heart.

I didn’t know anymore.

I need to feel needed.

I need



I need

to be


But now that you don’t need me anymore,

I lost my home.

little white space

little white space

I wonder if the reason for this wandering is because
There is no home, or there is nowhere to go
Or is it that there are lots of places to go
But no one to wait for me?

— Tablo ft. Naul: Airbag


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