View in Human Nature

At birth, I believe people are born neutral. They born with a growth force which allows them the change throughout life, and capable being anything they want to be.

Personality development is most influenced by learning, early-rearing patterns, values that we are taught, environment, relationship with others, modelling the behaviors of others, and cultural influences.

As people grow older, I believe they are capable in moderate changes in their personality, but determined by their early childhood experience.

Change is likely to be most facilitated by a focus on the conscious mind, thoughts, behaviors, feelings, the past, present, and future, the unfinished business, memories, and one’s “real” self.

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This is actually an activity box in one of my textbook,
I should expand it into more paragraphs of explanation,
why I view human nature and personality like that.
I’m gonna leave this here first
and do the writings later
because there’s
so much thing to do
(the damn assignments)
gonna edit this, I promise.
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P.S.: This is my own view, my opinion.
Doesn’t mean this is right.

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