six in the morning.

We gotta lot of catchin’ up to do,

Sorry for abandoned this blog for like… a month? Life happens. And just myself being a lazy ass again. So, yeah. Got a lot of catching up to do. But well, you won’t catch it up now because I have assignments TO DO, sadly.

Just dropping by to post one of my favorite song this week. I already downloaded this MFBTY’s album in March and (already) fell in love with this track. They released a music video for the track and suddenly I can’t stop humming to Yoon Mirae’s part (or the whole song, yeah)

Oh, I admit it I admit it (I was slippin away)
But it was only for a minute (but you asked me to stay)
I would’ve run back to you boy, yeah
I would’ve run back to you boy,

The track is such a jam, and a prompt to do some quick song fiction YAS but I’m not feeling it now so hopefully I’ll write one later. It’s just… this track touch some personal issues and I just can’t stop thinking, “really, we got a lot of catching up to do,” but well I don’t know if the other party wants to catch it up or no. And the whole song is pretty much a remedy IF someday, things fall back into its place.

In the meantime, let me deal with myself (and life, duh).

So, enjoy the track.

There are times when we grow apart, there are times when we fall
My heart is attached but it’s also bruised
I keep changing my mind, my heart is sick
Yeah, I’m sick, haha I’m sick.


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