maybe, it’s all because of love.

when tauriel betrayed her kin and go straight for kili. when legolas followed tauriel wherever she goes, protecting her at all risk — even if that means he’s no longer a prince. when thorin march to ravenhill wanting to kill azog, protecting his bloodlines and people. when thranduil decided to fall back to lothlorien, leaving the dwarves behind once again, because he wants to protect his kin. when bard taking the chances, become the leader of the city after smaug destroyed it, all for protecting his kids. when bilbo running here and there — although all the things that happened isn’t his fault at all — just because he grow fonder of the company; the dwarves, elves, wizards, men, hobbits, pretty much everything in middle-earth.

i wonder how does it feel; truly loving someone (or something).



just a silly insight i got after rewatching the hobbit: the battle of five armies. fyi: i’m kinda obsessed with the middle-earth universe nowadays. #teamtolkien


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