a (small) project

Yo, folks. Been a long time, eh? I’m droppin’ here to let you know (whoever you are, reading this post) that I might start a new writing project for the sake of this blog and my sanity.

Y’all who knew me may know that I’m a fan of Epik High, especially Tablo. His newest book, Blonote is actually released and I have bought the English version! Hip hip hooray!

As I say in my tweet that the book is full of prompt and trigger (at least for me) I decided to write my feelings out using the prompt Tablo provided in his book! I’ll choose a random page and I’ll write any kind of things I think about or related to the page, or just my usual blabber. Heh.

I will try to make this as a routine AT LEAST twice a month so please pray for me. 2017 and no more being a lazy ass!

That’s all.

Kindly wait for the first one!

Or not.



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