Maybe because there’s no more
holding hands
and this winter is so cold
without your fingers intertwined with mine and the
snow keep falling

I saw the first snow
alone, unlike all those years
as my clenching fists slowly turned white

That day,
I wander around trying to understand and
stopped by a small shop
as my eyes look around and I found
a pair of black wool gloves
that reminds me of

I bought it
my very first pair
for this winter
maybe deep down I know that I’d need it
because there’s no longer

After years,
I still love winter
in a different way
a beautiful, strange way
because every winter without you
I’ll buy a pair of mittens,

and cry.


After you left me,
I bought my first pair of mittens.

Radio writing staff Kim Jae Yeon’s
Blonote p. 58-59

(Random things I wrote months ago for the forgotten project about writing with prompt from Blonote but since today is Epik High’s 14th anniversary and the release of their 9th album We’ve Done Something Wonderful, I decided to post this. Prompt chosen by randomly opened the book – hope I could write another. Wish me well.)